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Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker

Written by Gordon Jinn

Lots of Aussie players will be familiar with some of the Texas Hold’em games that is out there. Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker is, as the name suggest, a variety of the Games within the Texas Hold’em category. The game does have some nice winnings, though players are required to have a hand that is better than a Flush, to see their initial bet to be higher than a 1:1 payout.

The gameplay of Triple Hold’em Poker

As in a lot of other card games, players need to beat both of the dealer’s hands, in order to win the hand. In Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker players the player needs to beat both sets of the dealer’s cards, which might sound hard in the first place, but it’s actually the player who have the advantage here.

The player is dealt two cards, and decides if they want to keep it, or give the hand to the dealer. If the first thing is chosen, the dealer is automatically given 2x 2 cards. If the player rejects the first to card given to them, they will get two new cards. If these cards are kept, the dealer will automatically receive the last two cards. The player can finally decide to see the last two cards, and hope that these are even better than the cards the dealer have received. The third time, the player must keep the dealt card.

After the player have decided which cards to keep, five cards will be shown on the table. At the end, the best out of the three hands wins the round.

The payout

If a player gets a Royal Flush, they are rewarded with 50:1, a Straight Flush gives 20:1, Four of a kind rewards 10:1, a Full House is 4:1 and a Flush is 2:1. Every winning combination that is not mentioned here, will have a payout of 1:1.

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