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The roulette table layout

Written by Gordon Jinn

When first looking at the roulette table, it looks a little complicated, but with a little background on how the table is laid out, it becomes much easier to figure out.

The first thing that needs to be taken into consideration, is where the Roulette game is coming from. There are several versions of the game and each comes with a slight difference from the others. In general, however, the same principles apply so those features of the layout that are common among game variations will be explained here.


The table layout has a total of thirty-six numbers and they are divided into three sections of twelve numbers. Each of the numbers on the table represent a corresponding number on the wheel. Players can place their wagers directly on these numbers, or they can use one of the other available options.

Next to each group of twelve numbers, there is an area that represents all the numbers in that set, so if a player does not wish to bet on a single number at 35:1, they can place their bet on twelve numbers at a time with odds 2:1.

There is also an additional area on the board that pays out at 1:1. That is red vs black, the first half of the numbers vs the second half, and even vs odd.

The most important thing to keep in mind when placing a bet on a roulette layout is, that a broad scope, including a lot of possibilities, will increase your chances of winning. But as those chances increase the payout will decrease along with it. Like with any form of gambling, the higher the risk the higher the payout.



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