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Test Your Skills and Discover Winnings from an Oriental-Themed Pai Gow Poker

Written by Gordon Jinn

When it comes to online poker variants that deliver a different playing experience, then Pai Gow Poker fits the bill. As a game inspired by the Chinese Pai Gow, players of Pai Gow Poker online can play cards, test their skills while enjoying an Oriental theme complete with dragons. This game is played using a deck of cards, joker included.

Playing Pai Gow Poker

Once a wager has been made based on the poker table minimum, the players of the game are given seven cards. The challenge for Pai Gow Poker players is to come up with two card combinations- one combo includes 5 high card hand, and the remaining for a low hand. In this game, a pair or no pair should be included in the two-card low hand, and after this, cards are valued depending at face values. Once the cards have been set by the players, it is the dealers turn to present the cards, and divide the hand using the same rules called ‘house way’.

After showing the dealer hands, both high and low hands will be compared, and the hand with a higher poker value wins the game. If both the player and the dealer achieves the same poker value, the win goes to the banker. Now, if the player manages to submit the higher value for both hand combinations, he gets the money, but may be charged with a 5-percent commission. But if the poker player loses both hand comparisons, he loses the game and wager.

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