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Swap your Cards for Bigger Prizes with Oasis Poker

Written by Gordon Jinn

Compared with other casino games, the game of poker taps into the player’s skills, and rewards player’s instincts. This is exactly what Australian casino players can expect from Oasis Poker, a card game inspired by the classic Caribbean Stud Poker. The general rules of this game are similar to Caribbean Stud but with some modifications. The main difference is the flexibility (and the decision) given to players before a raise or fold is to be made. In this online poker variant, players are given the opportunity to swap their cards, and pay a price for this move.

Basic Rules of Oasis Poker, Explained

Players will play with the dealer, and both are assigned 5 playing cards taken from a deck of cards. Cards are assigned after a wager has been submitted. Just like in other casino card games, the cards are arranged face down, except for one dealer card that is shown. Now, the poker player can swap a card from the deck, but this decision comes at a fee. This feature makes Oasis a different and challenging card game for poker enthusiasts. Now, the amount of money or fee that a player will cover will depend on the number of cards to be swapped. For example, if a player just wants to swap one card, he needs to pay a fee equal to the ante wager. And if the player decides to swap 3, it means paying thrice the ante wager.

Just like in Caribbean Stud, a player can raise if he matches at least a pair, and fold if he manages to collect Ace or Queen high, or a much lower card value. In Oasis Poker, it is always a test of player skills and decision-making skills.

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