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Poker Pursuit

Written by Gordon Jinn

Poker Pursuit is a game of poker, which is very similar to the classic and well-known card game Five Card Stud. Poker Pursuit is all about have the best hand, when players reveal their 5 cards.

When playing Poker Pursuit, the player gets two chances to raise their bets. If the chances are good for a solid hand, the opportunity to raise the bet twice, can be very profitable. Though, if the hand isn’t that good, players can decline to raise the bet, and by that, keep the possible loss to a minimum.

How is Poker Pursuit played
The wagers for a game of Poker Pursuit is between 0.50 coins and 5 coins, where the coins represent a specific amount of AUD$. Players make an initial bet, and then gets three cards to see. At this point, the player needs to decide, whether they want to stay at their initial bet, and then get another card, or if they believe in the three cards they have, and therefore wants to raise the bet. Before the fifth card is dealt, the players can, once again, chose whether they want to stay or raise the bet, for one last time.

When the fifth card is dealt, the player need to come up with the best possible hand, according to the pay table. The combinations are very similar to the classic Texas Hold’em Poker, though it’s possible to win at Poker Pursuit with 10’s or better.

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