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Poker Pro Phil Ivey Ordered To Return $10 Million To Casino

Written by Gordon Jinn
Poker Pro Phil Ivey Ordered To Return 10 Million To Casino

A federal judge has ordered well known poker pro Phil Ivey to return over $10 million of past winnings to the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City.

Phil Ivey and his associate, Cheung Yin Sun were sued by the casino two years ago for ‘cheating’ at baccarat. Even though the technique they used, called ‘edge sorting’ isn’t illegal, it gave them an unfair advantage and therefore failed to follow the New Jersey gambling regulations.

Judge Hillman ordered both to pay back the total winnings of $10.1 million they won playing baccarat and craps two years ago.

Ivey’s attorney claimed his client hasn’t broken any rule in baccarat and therefore hasn’t commited any fraud.

“What this ruling says is a player is prohibited from combining his skill and intellect and visual acuity to beat the casino at its own game,” attorney Ed Jacobs said.

Phil Ivey plans to appeal the ruling.

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