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Man Accused Of Soiling His Pants Removed From The JACK Cincinnati Casino

Written by Gordon Jinn
Man Accused Of Soiling His Pants Removed From The JACK Cincinnati Casino

A casino reportedly removed a patron from its property after he allegedly soiled his pants on Wednesday morning. The poker player, however, dismissed the claims and said the casino removed him on false claims.

The man identified as Tyler, in his 20’s is not revealing his last name due to embarrassment, claims he won $2,000 in a special poker promotion on the morning hours of Wednesday. Tyler later went to the washroom, and on returning, he was asked to vacate the casino by the security.

The JACK Cincinnati Casino reported that he removed the patron, following the complaints of a foul odour at the poker table and according to the witnesses they saw the young man throwing out his underwear while in the washroom.

According to Tyler, the casino removed him as they wanted him out because he was on a winning streak.

 Tyler said the casino accused him falsely of “pooping his pants” and the casino should also face some humiliation themselves. The casino says they have the proof that says otherwise and that it was their “top priority” to provide “clean and sanitary environment” to its guests.

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