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Written by Gordon Jinn

Keno 3 is a game, based on the numbers 1 to 80, where players need to guess which numbers will be drawn. Players can choose between 1 and 15 numbers, and furthermore, according to how much they are willing to bet, change the size of their bets. While having 80 different possibilities, the RNG of Keno 3 will pick 20 random numbers, and match it against the numbers, which the player picked.

The betting rage when playing Keno 3, is between 1 and 10 coins per play, no matter how many numbers the player picks. The coins represent a predetermined value of AUD$, which makes Keno 3 perfect for every Aussie, who wants to try Keno 3, without investing a lot. Keno 3 give players the possibility to reach the 10.000x multiplier, which is only possible, if the player chooses to play with 15 numbers, and guess them all right.

Dynamic payouts
When betting only on a single number, the winnings for guessing correct, will be rewarded with a 3x multiplier, where if the player pics 15 numbers, the rewards for hitting one or two of the 15 numbers won’t give any rewards at all.

By looking at the dynamic payouts, it is easy to see, how much the possible winnings will be, as the payouts changes in real time, as soon as the player bets on multiple numbers.

Keno 3 is a very fun and easy game to play. Keno 3 can be enjoyed by all ages and no matter what the bankroll says. In addition to this, it’s rare that players get the opportunity to multiply their initial wage by 10.000, just by betting one coin.

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