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Judge: Poker Pro Ivey Broke Gambling Rules

Written by Gordon Jinn
Judge Poker Pro Ivey Broke Gambling Rules

U.S. District Court Judge Noel Hillman ruled last Friday that well-known poker pro Phil Ivey and his companion Cheng Yin Sun broke the New Jersey casino gambling regulations when they won nearly $10 million back in 2012 at an Atlantic City casino.

On the other hand the judge also pointed out that Ivey did not commit fraud and the Borgata Casino has now 20 days to outline the damages it claims to have suffered.

In 2012 Ivey and Sun won close to $10 million when they used a technique, called edge sorting which according to the Borgata violates the state casino gambling regulations. Ivey claims though that their win was only the result of skill and good observation.

The Borgata claims that the two took advantage of defective decks of cards where the pattern on the back was not uniform. The playing asked the dealers to arrange the cards in a certain way, so they could take use of the leak which is permitted in the game of baccarat but under those circumstances violates the Casino Control Act.

Whether or not Ivey and Sun can keep the money or has to repay Borgata has yet to be decided.

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