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Green Signal for New Disneyland Project of Steve Wynn in Las Vegas

Written by Gordon Jinn
Green Signal for New Disneyland Project of Steve Wynn in Las Vegas

The gaming table has some good news for the dealers as almost after a year Las Vegas tycoon Steve Wynn has already declared about his new plan of investigating a whopping $1.5billion for a new project known as the Paradise Park. The initiative has already been given a green signal from the operator’s panel of casino. There would be a construction of twenty-acre lagoon in addition to the new hotel where the nightlife would be awesome. The major attractions however would be the dining and the gaming arcade. The work or the construction may hit the floor early December of this year. It is adjacent to the golf course that exists which are in proximity of the other two strip casinos of the tycoon. The new project could have the shows of the Disneyland or it can be even bigger that is present in the actual Disneyland.

The project of Disneyland like theme comes at a crucial phase when Nevada is less worried about the gaming arcade or the revenue that is gained from the gambling. It is a known fact that the casino gets close to forty percent of the revenue from gambling itself. The rest of the revenue comes from the small investments like the hotels, dining, nightlife and beverages and many more.


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