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Five signs that you’re superstitious

Written by Gordon Jinn

When players step into their favourite casino and have a look around, to find specific aspects of their environment to aid them in selecting the type of game to play or size of bet to place, they are very likely superstitious. While being superstitious can make playing the game more interesting, it is not a trait that every player shares.

There are some clear indications that a player is superstitious and by watching them play, they will be easy to spot. Superstitious players like to associate themselves with lucky numbers and avoid the unlucky ones. Seven, for example, is a number that gambler’s often like to stay close to as they believe that it will bring them luck, but show them the number thirteen and they will be gone in an instant.

Superstitious behaviour goes far beyond numbers in the gambling world. For some, it is their clothes or the colours that they wear. Some people will wear the same article of clothing until they lose because they believe that the clothes helped them win. For others, it is a charm or some other type of keepsake that brings them luck.

A lot of superstitious players will spend a good deal of time trying to avoid breaking any of the rules which they believe have been set to bring good fortune. Some of these rules are singing at the table, counting money at the table, and lending money to other players.

For those wondering if they are superstitious when it comes to gambling, there is a simple question that can be asked. Are your actions being dictated by any belief whatsoever, that they will affect the outcome of the game? If the answer is yes, you are indeed superstitious.

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