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British Columbia Police Arrests 9 In Casino Money Laundering Investigation

Written by Gordon Jinn
British Columbia Police Arrests 9 In Casino Money Laundering Investigation

Nine people were arrested by police in the Canadian province of British Colombia after a year-long investigation leading to the identification of millions of dollars allegedly being laundered through Lower Mainland casinos.

A group of investigators started an investigation in May last year after they determined that members of an alleged crime organization responsible for several illegal gambling houses were aiding drug traffickers in money laundering as well as being involved in loan sharking, extortion and kidnapping according to Kevin Hackett, Assistant Commissioner of the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (CFSEU).

According to the investigators, the alleged crime group has ties throughout Canada, along with Mainland China and other countries.

Of all the 9 arrests made, none of them is in custody and no charges have been filed. Among the possible charges are counts related to drug trafficking, money laundering, being part of a criminal organisation, and proceeds of crime.

The investigation is ongoing and more arrests are anticipated. Hackett has not revealed the name of the Casinos where the alleged money laundering took place.

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