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30 Suspects Released In Manila Casino Kidnapping Case

Written by Gordon Jinn
30 Suspects Released In Manila Casino Kidnapping Case

In an arrest made earlier this month where 43 people were detained on charges of carrying out organised crimes of kidnapping foreigners from casinos, 30 people were released after the Authorities were forced to drop charges failing to produce sufficient evidence to proceed with the prosecution.

The arrest came after a Singaporean woman, Wu Yan, was kidnapped and detained from Solaire Resort and Casino forcing her to ask her family for a ransom for her release.

The release came after Wu Yan was unable to identify any of her kidnappers from a line-up of the detained foreign suspects. Yan’s inability to recognise left the authorities with no evidence and no option than to drop charges against them.

According to the Acting Prosecutor General, Jorge Catalan Jr., “not an iota of evidence was presented” to prove the accused the Chinese nationals had taken part in the kidnapping.

At present, the Philippine Bureau of Investigation is in the deportation process of the 44 suspects for breaching the conditions outlined in their tourist visas. The 14 other remaining detainees, including the person, officials believe to be the ringleader will remain in the custody until criminal proceedings are complete.

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